Happy Life is the most trusted counseling center in Kolkata that aims to help people overcoming their problematic life situations by finding out and implementing the most suitable and effective solutions. Due to long term problems in certain areas of life, people lose balance in leading their life in a normal way and thus they feel unhappy. Day by day problems of a person becomes more complex to resolve by own effort and the person feels great stress in mind. With the increase in the duration of an unresolved problem or the degree of stress, the person feels confused in that life situation. At that time, taking professional help becomes effective for healing the stress as well as revealing the best solutions to overcome the problems. A counselor is that professional, who can help you identifying the roots of the problems by analyzing the situation and revealing the best solutions to root out the problems. Once you succeed in changing your negative life situations into positive through counseling, you gain confidence in handling negative situations in future as well.

At Happy Life, we help you so that you can help yourself in a better way in overcoming your life problems, stressful life situations, relationship issues and other difficulties in life. It is said that problems are signs of life but to live life with happiness, you have to overcome problems in life otherwise complexity will increase day by day. So, live life with happiness before life leaves you.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is a conversational technique of a trained counselor with a client (who is in stressful life situations) for understanding and analyzing the problematic issues of the client and thus revealing the customized solutions to help the client overcoming the problematic life situations.

In other words, counseling is simply Talk Therapy that helps people attaining better life by overcoming stressful problems in life. With the aim to help resolving the life problems of the client, the counselor offers the client confidential, supportive and dependable environment for exploring his or her thoughts, feelings, life situations, stressors, relationship problems, etc. During the process, the counselor assists the client in identifying the roots of the problems as well as developing customized strategies & solutions to follow.

Sometimes, the counselor provides alternatives but mostly the counselor listens to the client and observes the thought process, feeling, behavior, etc. to guide the client in a better way so that the client can help himself or herself in overcoming the life problems effectively.

Who needs counseling?

Counseling is helpful for everybody as counseling offers opportunity to live better life. Whether you are in stressful life situations or you want to ensure lasting happiness in life, you can get help from counseling.  People, who are experiencing stress, problems in life, family problems, relationship problems and other complex problems, can attain good help from counseling.

At a Glance: Counseling Services at Happy Life

Individual Counseling: If you are in stressful life situations or experiencing problems in life those are tough to resolve by yourself then attain client centered counseling at Happy Life.

Family Counseling: Most of the time in your life you spend in your home and with the family members. So, resolve the family problems as early as possible, getting family counseling from us.

Couple Counseling: Problems in married life with spouse or relationship problems between couples before marriage could be resolved effective by attaining counseling service from experienced counselors.

Student Counseling: When learning is in primary focus, getting student counseling becomes helpful in achieving the target. Student counseling helps students in overcoming maladjustment in schools, concentration problems, difficulty in memorizing information, etc.

Relationship Counseling: People changes, situation changes with time. Do relationships remain same always? Problems in relationships can be handled in a better way with relationship counseling.

Infertility Counseling: If biologically you are ok to be parents then there could be psychological issues that you should resolve with patience by attaining infertility counseling.

Adolescent Counseling: Emotions, behavior, perceptions, thought patterns, physical instincts, etc. changes to adolescents and coping with the change becomes easier with adolescent counseling.

If you want to attain Individual Counseling, Family Counseling, Couple Counseling, Student Counseling, Relationship Counseling, Infertility Counseling, Adolescent Counseling, Parent Child Counseling, Stress Counseling, Depression Counseling, Anxiety Counseling in Bengali, Hindi or English from the trained and experienced counselor in Kolkata then contact us at Happy Life, a leading counseling center in Kolkata.

About Founder:

Being passionate in helping people for their better life, Hiranmoy Banerjee, an experienced Psycho-Social Counselor and Writer, founded Happy Life in 2014. Before founding Happy Life for offering quality counseling services, he had worked with different national and international social development agencies for more than 5 years. At Happy Life, he is committed to deliver effective and client centered counseling services for different age groups. His dream to make a person – a Happy Life, a Family – A Happy Family and thus a Happy Community, a Happy Nation and the earth a happy world is in progress. Hundreds of satisfied clients have deep rooted the foundation of Happy Life with a stronger base.